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Coaching Philosophy
Gymnastics is the vehicle to develop confident, strong, and well balanced athletes that will not only succeed in the sport, but in society as well.

Team Characteristics
Family atmosphere
*Learning through positive attitude
*Every gymnast deserves the best experience
*Achievement with open communication channels
*Team effort and positive attitude


Pre-Team / 6-7 years old
At this stage, gymnast will start making a transition from basic gymnastics into more technique driven skills. Pre-team is the bridge to start enjoying gymnastics by attaining skills  through goal setting and mental focus. Gymnast will develop short routines in all six events without missing the fun.

Team Level 4 / 6-7 years old
Gymnasts in Level 4 prepare for an introductory competitive stage where they can have fun by presenting routines in front of a judge. Each gymnast is graded and challenged on individual talents.

Team Level 5, 6, and 7 / 8+ years old
As the gymnasts become more mature in their skills, they move higher in their competitive levels. These levels have different requirements, and gymnasts begin to understand that success comes with hard work and dedication.
Gymnasts at Level 5 and up are self-motivated athletes with strong goal setting techniques.